• About Us

    The Zahonero Group is a holding of companies that manufactures and sells technical foams for a wide ...
  • History

    Over 40 years of history. Foundacion 60's, 70's Technological Development, International Expansion 80's, 90's ...
  • Values

    Current economic trends are towards deregulation and globalisation. The Zahonero Group aims to be present ...
  • Future

    The Group fully recognises the importance of ethics, transparency and honesty to achieve its long-term goals. Innovation and customized ...

Research & Development

The Zahonero laboratory is the emblem of the group: in our headquarters in Elda, our scientists develop innovative solutions based on materials science whilst respecting the planet.

Production Strategies

The location of Zahonero’s 40 companies, together with its production factory, sales and logistics facilities means that Zahonero is able to offer the best quality, production speed and price.

Product Design

Not only can Zahonero work in synergy with clients’ design teams, but it can also develop modern suggestions and solutions, following international market trends.

“La empresa ha desarrollado un proyecto de Innovación Tecnológica subvencionado por el IVACE”
Nº expediente IFINOB/2014/7